renovaded and luxurius country house in the south of Le Marchee.

The Starfish pouf, as a special guest in this idyllic setting, adds a touch of modernity and comfort.

This ingenious product adapts perfectly to the aesthetics of the home, with its elegant and versatile design. Guests can enjoy supreme relaxation by curling up on the Starfish bean bag while admiring the panoramic views of the Le Marche fields through the windows.
IN CASA CENTOFINESTRE from pictures medieval villages to dream beaches on the Adriatic coast, there is much to discover. And when you return home, the Starfish bean bag offers the perfect place to rest and relax after a day of adventures.

CASA CENTOFINESTRE In short, this country house in the south of Le Marche, with the Starfish pouf as a guest, is a place where tradition and modernity merge into a unique experience. It is a corner of Italy that celebrates the beauty of rural life, Italian hospitality and contemporary comfort in perfect harmony.