Sit Pool 1 Plaza


Was specifically designed as an outdoors chaise longue but it actually has much more potential. Sit Pool by OGO is available in two sizes and has been tailored with Agora 3D fabric in various colors, which makes it perfect to be used outdoors or even in the water.


It is the king wherever it is placed, one of the star products in our catalogue.‎ Again, it is the versatility that makes this piece unique, as they can be combined in various ways to decorate terraces and create large relaxation areas.‎ The comfort of SIT POOL is only comparable to its attractive minimalist design, which steals everyone’s attention.‎

Handcrafted made in Spain.‎

The filling will depend on the category of fabric, as well as its use:

G1 and G2: 3D fabrics.‎ Filling: 100% polystyrene for use outdoors and in the pool.‎ If these fabrics are used inside, it must be specified at the factory and will be filled with Mixtura.‎ G3: Water-repellent outdoor fabric, used on terraces.‎ Mixture filling.‎ G4 and G5: Interior fabrics.‎ Mixture filling.‎


The weight of the items increases in contact with the water as the fabric is 100% breathable and drainable and allow the water goes inside and drain properly after each use.‎ It may be necessary the assistance of two persons to lift it out of the water. for biger items.

The total measurements shown in this form can vary between 5 cm +/- up depending on the type of product and the type of fabric used.‎

Product Information


Anthracite, Blue, Coral, Green, Mineral, Mustard, Sand, Savanne, Smoke, White